Sunday, 8 August 2010

Weekend of stuff!

Well it's been a productive weekend. A 7.87km run on Saturday morning followed by a tour of the maternity ward which we'll be visiting sometime in the next 3 weeks and hopefully sooner rather than later. Then I did some more tinkering with Yolkey and went for my first short ride! It's taken just over a month but I've managed to turn this

into this!

I also watched some of the cricket which I have a particular interest in as I'm meant to be going to the next test match at the Oval on the 21st but let's be honest, that is completely dependent upon when bump decides to make an appearance!LG dragged me to the pub last night as she was getting cabin fever and who am I to argue with the almighty?

Sunday has seen me give up entirely on the concept of sleep at about 7am this morning and attack the ironing. Following this, it was breakfast, a tidying of the spare room where the building of Yolkey had been taking place, taking the car to be cleaned and then a 5 ish mile trip on the bike in order to try and diagnose more little bits of tweaking that need doing. Now, it's time for some more of the cricket before another 'delightful' week of work beckons. Oh joy!