Sunday, 19 September 2010

Race Report - Ashtead 10k

Since moving, this is my home town race so I was looking forward to this one albeit once again, with no training to speak of. One day I'll write a post telling you how well training is going and how I've just smashed a PB. This will NOT be one of those posts.

Billed as an 'eco race', it meant they sent no paperwork out in the post and therefore you had to register in the scout hall. This meant it was a whole 15 minute walk from my house to the start and that included the slight detour to register. This is how all races should be. It had a huge family feel to it as there was a 2k fun run as well and everyone seemed to know everyone else. Well all apart from a lonely looking bloke wearing number 14. Yep, I was number 14. Luckily this was just a race number and had nothing to do with my required finishing position.

It was due to be an 11am start so at about 2 minutes to 11am, a guy with a microphone in what can only be described as the scariest union jack shorts ever, led everyone in a rendition of the national anthem. To say I was a little taken aback would be an understatement but each to their own.

I, like many others, knew this route like the back of our hands due to the fact that anyone who does any form of training around Ashtead Common will have run some, if not all of this route before. Mind you, that we also knew how completely evil the ground is during the first and last (due to this being an out and back event) km's. Stare at nothing but the ground because if you hit just one of those bumps badly, say goodbye to your ankles!

The rest out the course is undulates a lot but every bit of respite you have going downhill hurts doubly so on the uphill return leg. The marshals were great and they gave plenty of encouragement throughout the course and most people seemed great and encouraged each other too. Mind you, seeing those quick runners come back at you when you're at 4km and they're at 6km is a little depressing but a quick clap and a 'Well Done' and I continued on.

As I came onto the finishing straight (or field), I looked across and saw LG and George coming towards the finish which was nice although George obviously had no interest and was fast asleep the entire time! Nice encouragement son! 52:07 was the finishing time so quicker than expected and only 30 seconds off a PB.

Well that's about it really. Awesome medal and nice t-shirt seems bloody good value for a race just down the road. I'll be back next year trying to find those 30 seconds

Saturday, 4 September 2010

I did it, I did it!

Finally got out for a run today and although I didn't blow any cobwebs away, I certainly dislodged a few. After getting up with George to allow LG a bit of extra sleep, I felt I needed this run and was going to take the opportunity as soon as I could. Turned out that was around feed o'clock so LG got up and took over George duty and I put my trainers on and headed out on an unknown route for an unknown distance for an unknown amount of time.

Now some cynics may argue that I kept getting lost. However, I put it to them that I was just taking multiple unplanned detours and you know what, it was a lot of fun. Various surfaces, various inclines and a lot of guess work (and yes OK, a couple of stops at the Common maps to check I was at least vaguely heading in the right direction).

After plotting it on runningahead, it turns out that my 8.47km were completed in 45:28 which I think is pretty good for me 2 weeks before the Ashtead 10k and under 3 weeks after the birth of my son!

While stinky and horrible, the lawn got mowed and now showered and dressed, I have pictures to frame, a cot to move and a trip to Tesco to complete. I'm going to try and get 10 minutes later and read a book but I'm not counting on it!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Previously... on

I'd been for a run. I don't think it was a bad one either. It was the last run I did. I told myself I wasn't going to do a write a new post until I'd been for a run but I haven't and I thought I'd better say hello.

The reason for my thorough lack of exercise on my feet or on my fixie has been the arrival of this little man. Meet George Caleb.

2 and a half weeks old now and showing no signs of letting his mummy and daddy have 5 mins to themselves, he obviously wants a fat, cuddly daddy who gives lots of hugs rather than a fit healthy daddy that is dripping with sweat.

This is great in some ways but at the moment, if I do have 45mins or an hour spare, I'd rather catch up on some sleep than wake my body up. I do intend to go for a bit of a leg stretch this weekend though. Now I'm back at work, I do owe it to myself before my stress levels begin to rise again!

Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of other pics of our little bundle of joy. Enjoy!