Saturday, 4 September 2010

I did it, I did it!

Finally got out for a run today and although I didn't blow any cobwebs away, I certainly dislodged a few. After getting up with George to allow LG a bit of extra sleep, I felt I needed this run and was going to take the opportunity as soon as I could. Turned out that was around feed o'clock so LG got up and took over George duty and I put my trainers on and headed out on an unknown route for an unknown distance for an unknown amount of time.

Now some cynics may argue that I kept getting lost. However, I put it to them that I was just taking multiple unplanned detours and you know what, it was a lot of fun. Various surfaces, various inclines and a lot of guess work (and yes OK, a couple of stops at the Common maps to check I was at least vaguely heading in the right direction).

After plotting it on runningahead, it turns out that my 8.47km were completed in 45:28 which I think is pretty good for me 2 weeks before the Ashtead 10k and under 3 weeks after the birth of my son!

While stinky and horrible, the lawn got mowed and now showered and dressed, I have pictures to frame, a cot to move and a trip to Tesco to complete. I'm going to try and get 10 minutes later and read a book but I'm not counting on it!


  1. Not knowing where you are running is half the fun! Only when it starts getting dark and you realise that you are about 10km away from home without any food, water or a mobile phone does admitting a tactical defeat become an option!

  2. Three words: supermarket home delivery.

  3. That's a great time for 8k. Keep up the good work!

    Jason from Bleep Test