Monday, 29 August 2011

Arundel 10k - Race Report

It's been a while hasn't it. Sorry about that. With work, The Boy's first birthday and a few other bits and pieces, I just haven't got round to writing anything. Or in fact running much either.

I did do the Suffolk Coast ride but my last run was actually on the 23rd July. Oops. Not exactly a good training regime but as I've cycled the best part of 400km in Aug alone, I felt I should be able to do this run and complete it, if not in a very quick time. Mind you the hills worried me. I booked this as August's race as it was down near in in-laws so we could make a weekend of it but I also knew about the hills. Or hill. It's one long climb from 1 to 5km and then again from 7 to 8km and the the finish is uphill on the High St too. Bring it on.

They say, never do anything new on the day of the race. However, with all these hills, I decided I could use some help so I started my morning with the Orbana Healthy Energy sample I'd been sent. The idea that it's gives you a natural boost instead of the caffeine and sugar dosed ones I occasionally use. Firstly, what does it taste like. Well on the plus side, it isn't horrible and sickly sweet but does it taste nice, fresh and well.. healthy and natural?? Not to my taste buds but everyone's different. It was certainly drinkable and maybe did give me a boost but I have to say I didn't notice an instant kick from it. Maybe it's more of a slow release thing. I certainly still felt pretty good when I'd finished the race so it's a possibility  and at least my body wasn't full of all the usual crap. Anyway, you can check out all the proper info on them here. Hopefully they do them in bottles soon though as measuring out 250ml of water, then pouring that in a bottle in order to shake it and mix the powder in is a little more hassle than I need at 7am when trying to get ready.


As for the race, what can I say. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning scenery. You wouldn't do this race for the PB but I had bright (a little too bright if you ask me) sunshine and the views went on for miles (although they tend to when you're that bloody high.) It starts in the High St before going through the castle grounds and through the park up to the high point at the 5km mark. Then it's an alternate route back down (that somehow still manages to get a sod of an uphill that lasts a whole km in there) before coming back through the castle grounds again and then a steep finish up the High St.  The marshalling was fantastic and everyone seemed so friendly.


There was only one disappointment and that was that due to the tight fisted-ness of the Management at Arundel Castle, no one was allowed into the grounds to see the runners and to get to the park beyond it was an almighty trek which is not good for a mum, a Boy in a pushchair and 2 grandparents. They did get a good spot at the bottom but it seems such a shame when all those views are on offer. The castle grounds literally only had the odd marshall and some bored looking employees in golf carts who were probably keeping an eye out for anybody actually looking around the grounds for free while running. Maybe I'll get an invoice in a couple of days as I did look up a couple of times.

UP THE HILL TO THE FINISH LINE. I'M THE BLUE DOT IN THE MIDDLE (you can click to see it bigger)

However, this has nothing to do with the race itself which as I said... brilliantly organised and brilliantly marshalled. I came in on 52:14 which although not quick against a finish time I'd set myself of 53mins, I'm pretty happy damn with.Now I need to make sure I get some training in as I have a couple of people coming to my home town race next and I can't let the locals down can I!