Thursday, 4 November 2010

A short note

Numerous things mean I'm not running much at the mo. Some I dislike, some I don't mind but overall a lack of 'want' is happening currently.

I haven't been back to Ashtead Running Group since my first session. In fact, I haven't run full stop since my first session. Annoyingly, that first following Tuesday was the day I was held up at work for ages then when I got home, had loads of little things to do and then the following Tuesday was just late back from work again and now the motivation has dropped but I think therein lies the other problem. My shitty job.

When I get home, occasionally stressed, I know that a 'blow the cobweb's away' run would do me some good but what I find is that I'd rather spend that precious hour giving George some cuddles and getting him ready for bed and then after, spending some time with LG than out running. It's just where my priorities are at the moment and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

This is obviously no good for either keeping weight down or lowering blood pressure (I think a new job would help that) so it's just a case of trying to eat healthily so I don't balloon in weight.

As for Grim, I'll be there... I wouldn't miss it for the world. All the mud and water is so much fun but I think eatingtrees may end up leaving me for dead. 8 miles with little training through mud, water and cold. Who could ask for more!