ABOUT ME (inc. Contact)

I'm not quite a runner, more someone that knew his 30's was coming and had to do something about it. My first Half in Oct 08 was horrible. I hated every minute of it and struggled the whole way round. I didn't train enough and if it hadn't been for eatingtrees' encouragement, support and just plain bullying, I'd have dropped out well before the day of the event. However I didn't and from there, I have steadily (very steadily in some cases) improved and basically, I write this blog to keep a log of my thoughts, training, PB's and anything else of varying relevance.

From the start, I apologise for the general appalling abuse of the English language and spelling throughout. I got a 'c' in my GCSE about... 5,10... 14 years ago (bloody hell!! really??) and things haven't exactly improved since! Also I have a really annoying tendency to use too many exclamation and question marks. I will do my best to keep this under control too. (amended) 

Feel free to drop me an email, comment or send free stuff as and when you fancy and I'll do my best to reply and I'll try and continue to write an entertaining blog. Deal? Excellent!