Thursday, 8 October 2009

And now... the end is near... and so I face

the very likely possibility that I'm going to cry during the Royal Parks Half on Sunday!

I haven't done a listy blog for a while so here goes:

Reasons I'm gonna cry:
-That shin thing started hurting again last night so stairs are a bit of a bugger at the mo (I'm sure it'll be fine)
-I nearly drowned yesterday. I was only cycling home
-I haven't run since getting very lost on Saturday. What if it happens again and I don't make it back in time for Sunday? (hmmm, there's a thought)
-I've never walked during a Half Marathon. Sunday might be a first
-Training has been 'limited' recently. I have loads of excuses none of which are valid except the word 'Lazy'

Reasons I don't need to cry:
-If I finish and stay alive. I eat pizza and drink beer with friends, old and new
-I have the chance of finishing a big event and if I push, maybe, just maybe, they'll be a PB around somewhere
-Once it's done, I don't have another race until Grim 8 in December
-Once it's done, I'm giving myself 3/4 weeks off
-Once it's done, I'll only be 12 days away from going on holiday with my Lovely Girlfriend

See, I reckon that's a good balance of good and bad stuff.

How my mood could be improved:
-Sleeping through an entire night just once!
-Getting less text messages from my parents telling me how much of fantastic time they're having with the orang-utans, monkeys and snakes of the Borneo Jungle and yes, I'm extremely jealous. My parents are having more fun than me at the mo. Surely not fair!!
-Not having my wonderful, clean and simple bike fitted with mudguards but I was fed up with wet pants so the decision had to be made
-1 or 2 certain people within my company being able to organise a piss-up in a brewery if it was needed

Why my mood is already quite good:
-We're nearly at the weekend (I'm ignoring the whole 'run' thing)
-Today I was given 3 new albums by Ian Brown, Bombay Bicycle Club and XX and I love getting new tunes
-I get to see my Sister and family in a couple of weeks time
-I'm pleased my parents are having a good time even if it is without their favourite son
-I finished writing a blog post and ended on a high!

Check here on Sunday evening Monday at some point for full race report including delights such as: Can I walk, how drunk did I get on one bottle of beer after the race due to dehydration and also an exclusive insight into the state of my toes! Nice


  1. Good luck with the race. I'm sure that when you finish there will be good reasons for pride and satisfaction