Saturday, 16 October 2010

It has it's ups and downs

I really do have to lose some weight at the moment and as LG is putting me to shame with her running group, I yesterday, vowed to do a 10k this morning to blow some cobwebs away and get back into it.

I knew the course I had to run. Well when I say I knew the course, I knew the roads I had to run on but couldn't decide on the order in which to run them. Do I do this one with a fast downhill start and a punishing second half...

or do I do this one which is more undulating throughout?

I went for option 2 in the end. I decided there was no point in having a fast start if i was just going to be in a world of pain later on.

It was however, a thoroughly enjoyable run. 10.04km around the streets of Ashtead and Leatherhead in 52:44. I could feel my stress levels drop the more i ran. I just need to do it more often now.

Going forward, Ashtead has a running group that meet every Tuesday night which is meant to be very social and also my favourite price... free, so it looks like my Tuesday nights will now be spent running around in the dark with some other local people which suits me just fine and may be just the thing i need to increase my mileage. This is something i certainly need to do pre Grim as the less time i have to spend running around in the puddles and mud, the better!

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