Monday, 21 February 2011

A long weekend

I decided to take Friday and Monday off work to spend some extra time with The Wife and The Boy and although we haven't particularly done much it's been lovely. It also gave me the chance to abandon my usual Saturday morning 'get it out of the way early' long run and instead, I decided to go out on both Friday and Monday morning.

Friday's was quite tough and I had to stop after an hour to stretch my calves as they were so tight. A hangover from the Wokingham Half I suspect but this morning's was a little easier although hardly any quicker. The 15:36km route was done in 1:22:31 and 1:21:49 respectively.

Nothing happened of interest around the route but after really enjoying it the previous few times I've run it, I'm getting the know the hills etc now so it's a bit dull. I think I'm going to have to get the audiobooks out for next weekend's run just to take my mind off it. Well unless anybody in the Surrey area wants to run between 17-19km next weekend at a pace of around 5:20 min KM's or 8:40 min miles? Nice and early on Saturday morning? About 8am? Excellent. See you there.

Both Mrs HMC and the Boy are suffering badly with colds at the moment as as I type this at 11am, both are in bed and I will be nominated cuddler for the day. Excellent!


  1. Wouldn't life, and our running schedules, be a lot easier if we got our pay for staying at home...

  2. Do you get to lie in the middle and get cuddles from both sides? Ahhhhhh. Get well soon everyone.