Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Peak of my Training

Now by that, I don't mean my physical peak. I don't actually feel any fitter than I did when I started this marathon training program in June while in France. However, clocking up, which for me is a massive 33.51km on my run on Saturday morning is something of an achievement and the longest run I'll do pre Berlin.

Considering how I've loathed this training from the start and hated the way it dictates time and distance leaving you bored of it's repetitive nature, I was proud to have completed it without stopping once and UNDER my target time. Now I suspect this has more to do with my Garmin flashing the low battery warning at me at around 22km and me having to turn the GPS off than anything else. It meant the last 11km were run with only a stop watch. I had no idea of my pace, no idea whether I was hitting my target times and quite frankly, I didn't care either. I just had to get home and that seemingly gave my all the motivation I needed. Maybe this should be my plan for Berlin. When the going gets tough, the tough turn off their GPS data. Doesn't quite have the same catchiness to it does it. Maybe for now, I'll settle for turning the beep off so I don't feel the need to check it EVERY. SINGLE. KILOMETRE!

Anyway, a moderate 24km next weekend and hopefully both my nipples and toenails will have recovered by then!

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