Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back with an (almost) bang!

While those slightly insane people we're running around the streets of London on Sunday, I was in one of the new Airbus A380's attempting to land at Heathrow. I say attempting as very close to the runway, our pilot decided it was too windy, pushed the engines to full and took off again. That's a little scary but what has to make it worse is the 'tail cam'. I've seen plenty of the front and below cameras before but never this tail cam. Seeing the whole of the plane you are in, very close to a runway at an angle it really shouldn't have been at, is a little heart in mouth time. Thankfully on the 2nd attempt (and in my eyes, still sideways) we landed and once I got home, I checked out some highlights for the race. It all looked great, albeit a little warm so a massive congrats to anyone who completed it. You really do have my utmost respect.

So stupidly, this morning, I entered the ballot for 2010. Now, I've done this on the assumption that I won't get in. However, even if I do, it gives me a chance to do it (completion dependant) and forget about it forever. I hope.

I have the BUPA 10k lined up for the end of May so I'm going to build myself up to that with a few gentle runs and then start some hill training and new shoe try outs over the next couple of weeks. I have a lot of good food, tasty beer and sitting on my arse for the last 3 weeks to make up for!!! It was fun though. I won't bore you with any details as last time I checked, this was a running blog but if you wanted to know about any of the countries, feel free to e-mail me.

I'm off to make a playlist for the Sony W series Walkman I've been sent..... in LIME GREEN!!! For a shaven headed bloke who is either very white or completely sun burnt, this isn't a good colour and with the way it wraps around your head, I feel this has hugely embarrassing sunburn mark potential. Anyway, a review and playlist to follow at the weekend!


  1. Welcome back. I've registered for the 2010 VLM as well and I'll be in the Bupa 10,000 at the end of May.

    Best of luck!

  2. Welcome back! I also entered the 2010 ballot. Fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Welcome back and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    Yes, I've entered the ballot too, also imagining I won't get in...and maybe hoping after Sunday's experience!).

    You got an MP3 thingie? I din't get one and I don't have an Ipod or anything. Tsk!

  4. So how was the trip. I am keen to hear about SE Asia - probably even more than a review of a walkman (which will only make me jealous for not getting any free stuff).

  5. Yay!! Someone asked about my trip. Thanks Highway Kind.

    It was amazing so very briefly:

    Laos was beautiful and it's somewhere I will be going back without a doubt. Very friendly place and I honestly haven't got a bad thing to say about it. Scenery, atmosphere and general way of life was great. Mind you, we did purposely avoid Viang Vien as although it's meant to be beautiful, we weren't there for the party scene.

    Vietnam was also nice but still Laos was preferred. Hanoi was better than expected (with the exception of the generic touts that are around) and we did some great trekking in Bach Ma national park. A bit out of the way but worth the taxi fare for a full day of trekking.

    Onto Malaysia.. We'll KL is one of my favourite cities and it was as good as I remember plus the Perhentian Islands were beautiful. Clear Blue sea, great snorkeling and fierce sunshine. Who could ask for more??

    And not a Walkman review in sight!