Friday, 17 July 2009

Dropping out like a dropping out thing from dropping out-ville

I'm pulling out of the Thames Towpath HM. This really annoys me but the fact is, the maximum distance I've run in the last 3 months is 10k a couple of times and as I've been taking it easy due to these stupid re-occurring hip/back/hamstring problems and even though I might be able to walk/run my way through the miles in a very slow time, I just don't think I'll enjoy it if I can't push.

I think my time would be better spent building up to the Hard As Snails 10k in August and then the Surrey Badger HM at the beginning of Sept ultimately leading the the Royal Parks HM in Oct. This makes a lot more sense to me rather than accidentally causing more injuries while trying to haul my carcass around 13.1 miles when not fit enough. I want to enjoy my running, not endure it.

It's a shame as it looks like an awesome event as it's a point to point run but I just can't do it. It's a sold out event so if someone wants to run it in my place, get in contact via e-mail and I'll try and dig out the details from home.

On the injury front, things are getting better with a lot of stretching and walking while on Skye so it's looking like it's doing some good so just keeping by fingers crossed at the moment and trying to build some fitness back up. Incidentally, Skye's bloody amazing. Absolutely beautiful place (when you get lucky with the weather) and some great places to do some long walks.

On another note, I'm in a bit of a bind at the moment. I have a great landlord and he's currently completely renovating a lovely flat for myself and LG but there is one sticking point. Due to the law about escape access, he won't allow a bike ANYWHERE on the property. This is a real pain as I really want to get myself a single speed mountain bike to cycle to work and back every day. It'll save me money and get me fitter but we just can't work out whether to stick with the landlord and not have a bike or go elsewhere in a place that feels less like home and get the bike. I just can't work out the best option and it's becoming a real pain. The place the is being readied for us is great. Some quality items like NEFF ovens etc so it will be wonderful but no bike is a tough call!! I don't want to have to leave it on the path permanently even if it is locked up. I just can't work it out!

Anyway, sorry for the dullness of today's blog, maybe I should be sponsored by NightNurse. I promise the next one to be full of fun, laughter and joy!

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