Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A good weekend all round!

My weekend was goooood!! 2 runs, some partying, seeing a flat we love and not crying in pain through injury! Rock on!!!

I headed out for my 4.6 mile Putney/Hammersmith bridge loop with eatingtrees on Saturday as he was in the neighbourhood and despite a couple of stop and stretch sessions due to him having been on the bike too long and us both nearly dying after the 200m sprint across Hammersmith bridge, it was all good. I have to stretch before and after sessions now because of the back/hip thing but it appears to work with only slight aching now rather than actual pain. It was way off a good time but we purposely didn't even take a watch. Mostly just chatted (not proper, more like word, breath, word, breath, word, breath) and dawdled along. Then we headed off to a leaving party for a friend who's heading back to NZ. Jealous. Hell yeah!

Obviously drank too much and had a hangover come Sunday morning but nothing a sausage sarnie and espresso doesn't sort. Really good to chat to someone who's doing her first ever Sprint triathlon in a couple of weeks though and seeing how she was getting on with training. There was a definite group split with the people talking about exercise and then the rest of the normal people and our group was a lot smaller. We know our place in the grand scheme of things!

Then Sunday myself and LG continued our flat searching, for a place that will be good for us. I got a call in the afternoon to say we could go for a viewing if we fancied. I'd seen the pics and wanted to see it but wasn't that excited. Anyway, we'd decided to run on Sunday anyway so by killing 2 birds with 1 stone and thus ensuring that after, the rest of my afternoon could be spent sitting on my arse watching The Open on BBC and listening to the cricket commentary on TMS, we chose to run to and from the viewing. Only a mile and a bit away but going there, it's ALL uphill!! Plus we ran back on a longer loop ensuring we weren't too lazy and I think completed around 3.5miles in total. I think we had extra adrenalin because despite the photos, the place was lovely!! High ceilings, LOADS of natural light, large balcony plus a communal garden and most importantly, space for this!

This will be my new toy. YAY!!! Doing it through the Ride 2 Work scheme which means I'll be able to cycle 6 miles every day which will keep my joints loose and only pay about 50% of the cost due to the government tax break and I'll have a gorgeous bike!

This morning (after looking at the flat again last night), we've agreed to take it which means it's all good and LG can start planning the entire layout including beds, new furniture, bookcases, TV, cooking stuff and all manner of bits and pieces while I drool over a picture of a bike and organise a van! Nice!


  1. Single speed and rigid, straight forks? You'll be appreciating the large tyres for a hint of plushness, then! Good work. Shame about the half-make up for it with a good time at Royal Parks, eh?

  2. The only thing changing will be the tyres to a set of semi slicks for road and towpath use. Should make things a bit easier!