Thursday, 6 August 2009

I've tried to make this post more interesting than it is

Hullo there. Sorry it's been a while. There is a valid reason though. I would have bored you all to death and then been charged with manslaughter. This would have been a little harsh considering a)you wouldn't have known about your imminent death before you started to read and b)being charged just for babbling the inane thoughts that come into my head on a weekly-ish basis would just be plain wrong!

See nothing much has happened on the exercise front recently. I mean I've been doing the whole running thing and stuff with a couple of interval sessions that hurt my hip for 2 days afterwards and a couple of 4-6 milers at a slower pace just to stretch my legs out but apart from that, nothing. No revelations, no interesting sights, no funny incidents. Just general running stuff and lets be honest, we all see that every time we go out.

My hip/back/hamstring is still causing me problems but seeing as I've tried stretching, resting, icing, and running slightly differently and absolutely none of it works, I've now decided that ibuprofen and caffeine are the way forward with maybe a little freezing gel once I've finished. HOWEVER... there's another issue. Do I put the gel on the bit the feels like it hurts or the bit that may be causing the bit that hurts to hurt and if it's the second one, which one do I pick before I end up plastering the stuff all over the left hand side of my body and going numb on one side?!?!?!

I've have found myself reading a triathlon magazine the other day though. I wouldn't say inspired but certainly interest has come from a few friends of mine. A couple of them doing really well in the Sprint triathlon in London and another very disturbed man who completed the UK Ironman on Sunday in 11h 30mins and finished joint 165th!! That's 140.6 miles in total!!! That's a 2.4mile swim, 112miles on the bike and then a full marathon! I'm never going to be that insane but the Sprint or Olympic distance next year??? it's definitely a possibility!

There are other reasons for the non blog too. Firstly the moving house is still ongoing and looks like it will be fine but honestly, is there anything more painful in life than dealing with an estate agent who appears to have got his organisation skills from a Christmas cracker? Also, the people who I was planning on buying my beautifully crafted bike from decided that, after I'd ordered my cycle-to-work scheme voucher would be the best time to change it to out of stock and very helpfully answer 'I'm not sure but probably not' when asked if it was coming back into stock. Insert mad panic trying to find the bike in stock somewhere else. Hopefully, it looks like I've found somewhere. A small independent shop rather than the big corporate green and yellow bike place that employs the drones like the first time so that's good.

Anyway, fingers crossed that come 3 weeks, myself and LG shall be in the new place, with the bike, chilling out and deciding what evening to risk our mental state and well being by heading to Ikea. Ikea... Oh crap.... I'm off to cry in a corner. Actually, maybe a run would help ease the anger build up of a trip there!!


  1. When I was a kid, I never got injured. Played football, ran, cycled - never stiff, never hurt, just got on with it. Never stretched, either. When I started stretching, I started getting injured. I've given up on it again now, in a direct attempt to re-create the past. My toe still hurts, but that's all the time now. I'll let you know how things develop - maybe i'll blog my theories soon, too! Hope things improve - you've got to beat me in the Royal Parks in a few weeks!

  2. I'm sure Ikea counts as some kind of endurance training, try going on a Saturday and going the opposite way around the marked paths...

    Well impressed with your mate doing the Ironman, it was held round our way (and apparently will be for the next few years if anyone wants cheering on) and knowing exactly where the route takes you makes the thought of it even worse. Having said that, we spent half of last night trying to cajole a more impressionable friend into doing it next year!

    Good luck with the move!