Saturday, 4 December 2010

Non Grim based title

It's been a while and I haven't run but I was still really looking forward to Grim today. Don't get me wrong, I knew it was going to hurt but it was so good last year that i felt that eatingtrees could just kind of drag me through the puddles backwards if it got that point. Never mind. It gives me a chance to go for a run in the meantime and do at least an ounce of training prior to the new date.

There is one lucky point through, while clearing the snow with my foot last night, I jarred it into a piece of ice and was in pain all night with it. How do I get these stupid injuries??? It certainly would have made it even slower and painful. Actually, I guess the puddles would have numbed it so probably wouldn't have made a difference.

A few updates from me, we've got married a few weeks ago, it was a wonderful day and now LG (lovely girlfriend) will become Mrs HMC. We had a week in Egypt (no not a honeymoon) with George and learnt both how much fun and how much hard work, taking a 3 and a half month old boy on holiday can be. (For the record, don't be scared of flying, he was a star on both flights).

I also have a fantastic pair of sunglasses to try out from those lovely people at Polaroid but due to lack of motivation and absolutely no sunshine, I haven't been able to go running in them yet. I can say though, while lying by a pool or walking along a beach in a different country's sunshine, they performed wonderfully. Obviously a full review will follow when the sun comes out and I strap on a pair of trainers.


  1. Congratulations on your marriage to the wonderful LG and trust you had a nice break in sunny Egypt.
    It sounds like the Grim was cancelled (?), a thing that happened to me in a race last weekend after I'd trained out of my skin for it. Very annoying!
    Keep on hauling that carcass.

  2. Congratulations on your marriage, I wish you lots of happiness. Hope the ankle gets better too, just the world saying don't run I guess ; )

  3. Congratulations. I jave just been reading through the musings of some fellow Janathoners and reading your November post was like reading my own thoughts. Sounds like you've got your priorities right to me but I understand you'd like to run more but I imagine that if you're like me you'd like to LIKE TO run more too, so that's what this Janathon is about right? A bit of a boost. A goal. Best of luck!!!!