Thursday, 30 December 2010

Twas the night (or morning of the night)...

...before Christmas and HMC decided to step on some scales (at the parents, he doesn't own any)....

It's been a while. I've never been a light man and never expect to be so as I haven't done any exercise for around 2 months, this wasn't going to be pretty. 14 stone is pretty much standard for me and anything around that I'd be OK with. (for 'OK', read disappointed but not disappointed enough to actually do anything about it).

On we go... Huh? Problem. Step off, reset to 0, step back on again and same reading. A smidgen over 13 stone. Huh? What the _____? When in all that is holy did that happen and second question is... If I seem to have lost a 14th of my body weight, WHERE THE FUDGE HAS IT GONE?

I put it down to bad scales and got on with my xmas of cold, cough, chest pains, no appetite and needing to sleep during daylight hours. This was a horrible xmas personally. I've never been wiped out completely before but on my 31st xmas and George's very 1st, Daddy was not good!

Anyway, next was off to the in-laws for more food, drink and merryment. Again, I wasn't good but they did own scales which enabled me to test myself again. This time though, just after a meal and fully clothed (bet you're glad I left my nakedness out of the earlier weighing session now aren't you!). I came in just under 13 and a half and therefore have lost some weight somewhere.

After a couple of days, I think I've sussed it. No running or cycling means all my muscle has turned back in to fat and that's lighter. That's the only theory I have. I wish I'd known earlier in my life that if didn't exercise I could lose weight. Things would be so much easier.

Anywho, good luck to all the frankly disturbed and freaky people doing Janathon. I have no idea why! The only way I found time for Juneathon was running at 5:20am most mornings and that was before George was born. 5am on a January morning when I already fight for sleep every night? Behave people! But good luck anyway. I will be following you. Now I have 2 weeks to get myself able to do the re-organised Grim Challenge on Jan 15th. Don't suppose snow is due is it?

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