Sunday, 2 January 2011

Motivation and a goal

My motivation turned up today in the form of a bald man with glasses. Eatingtrees made his way down from up north to go for a run around the Surrey hills. It was my first outing for about 2 and a half months so it was going to hurt and if it was going to hurt anyway, I may as well choose a route that at least causes some level of discomfort for eatingtrees too.

A trip that was just shy of 10km and had many a hill, bridle path and road running section was completed in just over an hour and thoroughly enjoyed. It was a good start to 2011.

My 2011 goal is the same as a few others but a bit more lightweight as I have to be honest, if it's too difficult, I'll just give up. 2011 KM either by bike or by running by the end of the year. 2010 for various reasons wasn't really a good year for exercise so this goal is doable but still a push for me. To put this in perspective, since the 17th August until the end of the year, I ran or cycled a grand total of 58.5 km! See, it's not going to straight forward!


  1. Best first sentence ever! Well done, HMC, you've made a jaded man smile. But what's this about 2011km? Surely you mean hardcore miles!!

  2. I surely do mean KM and not hardcore miles as I ....(think, think, think) am a metric man through and through as it's easier that way! Oh and lazy. And am a Dad now so have less time to get out. And only managed 58.5km in 4 months last year. Therefore it's about a 1100% increase for the same period which means I am hardcore. Just slightly less hardcore than more hardcore people