Thursday, 27 January 2011

I feeeeeeeeeel good!

It's about bloody time too but over the last couple of weeks I've really started to enjoy my running again and obviously I know, the more I do, the more I will enjoy it. Saturday's planned run will take this months mileage to just shy of 87km or just over 54 miles. If I remember rightly, that's about London to Brighton! Considering the last 4 and a half months of last year, I managed a total of 44.5km, I think I'm allowed to be happy.

Yesterday's run was an 8.14km loop on some ropey pavements with some below average street lighting and it felt great to stretch the legs out again. 2 things I did that prove to myself that I'm enjoying it. Firstly, I purposely did the route in the direction that means I have 2 tough uphills to deal with and secondly, I managed a sprint finish.

Before I set off, I pitched a realistic time to myself of 42:40 to 43:10. Precise I know but I think I'm generally pretty accurate with my times although I have no way to plot the progress during the run. I'm not a Garmin man you see. Including my sprint finish, I stopped the clock at 42:01!! Happy boy again. 5:09 p/k (8:18 per mile).

My run this weekend will top 10 miles and will be the longest distance I do prior to the Wokingham Half. I'm hoping to do it in under 1:32:00 but it's going to be tough. However, I'm now confident I should be able to firstly finish, the Wokingham Half and also, come in under the 2 hour mark. That'll be a good base for the Hague City Pier City Half the following month.

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  1. Congrats on this months mileage total and good luck for Wokingham!