Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nonsuch Running Group

I mentioned in my last post about Mrs HMC's running group and I thought I should let people know about them as they've proved to be invaluable in her achieving her sub hour 10k goal.
The group Mrs HMC attended is part of the Run England running groups website and specifically, the Nonsuch Park Running Group.
Designed for Complete Beginners, Improvers or people that are just trying to get back into running, the sessions are tailored for individual abilities and start along the basis of run/walk but include sprint sessions, hill work and fitness work to improve stamina.
The Nonsuch Group is run by a very nice guy called Tom (not me, a different nice guy called Tom) and I've been reliably informed by Mrs HMC that it's a fun and informal group with loads of encouragement from the other members.
The next 9 week course is due to start on Tuesday 1st May at 9:30am (each sessions last around an hour) but they have a free taster session the week before on the 24th April. Again 9:30am. You meet at the Mansion House in Nonsuch Park. SM3 8AL.
If you or someone you know is wanting to have a go or get into running, I (Mrs HMC) can highly recommend this group so if you're interested, get in touch with Tom on 07758 221038 or and he'll give you any extra details you need.

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