Friday, 11 January 2013

Walking the line...

Myself and Mrs HMC have always been up for going on some long walks into the countryside and spending some time out and about. In fact prior to The Boy and The Girl arriving, we had an awesome walking holiday up in Skye. We took the night train to Fort William which quite frankly, is the only way to travel.

It was great. We just walked all day seeing some of the most awesome sights around. Also, for this year’s summer holiday, we’re planning on heading down to the Dordogne which apparently has some fantastic walking routes. Things will be slightly different with a 3yo and and a 9month old though. One in the Baby Bjorn and with The Boy, we’ll just let him run. He’s like the energizer bunny sometimes!!

Walking’s a great way for us to all keep fit and if you can swing it to go past a few child friendly pubs on the way, even better. I find it’s all in the route planning. Hills. CHECK. Pub. CHECK. Awesome scenery. CHECK. That’s this weekend sorted then...

I would happily sacrifice one run a week for a nice walk with my family at the weekend. The lil' HMC’s get fresh air which firstly helps them sleep and secondly assists in them not driving me mad by being stuck in a house for a long time. So it’s good for everyone and with the hills involved, it actually helps build all the right muscles for the running too.

The only thing really needed for these outings are a decent pair of walking boots. Everything else is all about comfort.  Upon a recent visit to Millet Sports, I noticed that they have a decent range of walking boots for men, women and youngsters which is going to come in hugely useful when we need to source some for The Boy and his ever expanding feet! For now, he’ll be in his wellies, jumping in the puddles!

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  1. Night train to Fort William is *definitely* the only way to travel!