Saturday, 16 February 2013

My achilles are my Achilles' Heal

'ow, ow, ow, ow'. That is the sound I make as I walk at the moment. You see, it's all a bit tight down there. NO! Further down, near my ankles. Yep that's it, my Achilles. Today I did what everyone will tell you is a silly idea. I increased my distance by 50% and went for it. I'm alive. Just. It hurt, a lot though.

I didn't managed to hit my timings as I wanted to but I did 7.5km which is more than third distance of the Maas Half marathon which is 12 weeks tomorrow. It's like I'm a complete novice again. Getting that distance up is just painful. Part of me thinks 'why don't I just revert back to my old thick heeled shoes' but i don't wanna. I really want to run this way and I do enjoy it it's just I don't like being a beginner again.

In fact the other reason is this......

This will contain everything I need for 6 days and 5 nights including all running, cycling and general gear. My tiny red 'barefoot' running shoes weigh next to nothing and will take up very little space. If I take my 'normal' running shoes, they'll weight more, they'll take up most of a pannier on their own and quite frankly that's a waste!

I ran the Berlin Marathon only 20 weeks ago with 16 weeks training. This should be a piece of piss right? We'll as long as I'm still able to walk anyway!

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