Saturday, 9 February 2013

Old routes, New times

I HAD to get out and run today. My excuses have completely run out and quite frankly, I was beginning to become a fair weather runner. Or maybe just a lazy one! I also need to shift the spare tyre around my waist as the Belgium trip to the Maas Half Marathon is only 3 months away and my longest run in my barefoot running shoes is 4km. About 17km short of the distance I need then so frankly, the additional weight ain't helping much!

Today I made it 16km short by going out and hitting a 5.14km route I haven't done in a while. Quite frankly it got boring after I ran it around 20 times during Juneathon 2010. I didn't have the Garmin charged (yup, forgot it was in the drawer) so just had a stop watch on my phone and just had to hit stop at the end. It was odd not running to a pace and I didn't feel like I was going fast enough really so had to remind myself to try and keep pushing. The result is the second fastest time I've ever done it in which I'm pretty damn happy with to be honest!

I'm still consistently under the 5min/km pace where I want to be it's just I need to start upping the distance in to be in with a chance of a good HM time although not sure how good it will be after 3 days of single speeding through The Netherlands and Belgium!!

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