Monday, 7 September 2009

Garden City 10 - Race Report

In hindsight, my decision to not do the Surrey Badger HM and instead, gatecrash eatingtrees' local event, the Garden City 10 was a brilliant idea. 3 less miles, some company for some of the race and starting an hour and a half later all point to a wonderful decision. To that, add a most magnificent lunch cooked by Mrs eatingtrees and a double apple shisha and mint tea prepared by eatingtrees himself as well as some great company... Come on, who could add more to that to make a perfect Sunday. OK then, add a trip to the local pub in the evening with LG. Sorted!!!

Having seen a little of Welwyn Garden City before and by speaking to eatingtrees, I didn't hold out much hope for a picturesque course and with many underpasses, subways and a bit of industrial estate thrown in, I was right but it was a very well organised event. From collecting my chip and number, all the marshals and the volunteers at the end, everyone looked after you so well. It had a really community feel which certainly makes a race of this kind.

The route was a slightly bizarre one with a mile out, 2 loops of approx 4 miles and then a mile back. I thought the loops were going to be painful mentally but I have to say that only being 4 miles each seemed to work for me. They never usually do but I think it helped with not having a clue where I was. It meant that on the second lap, I could think 'oh the gravelly path next to the industrial estate', not too long to go until that road with the trees up the side!

Being the longest distance I've run since the end of March by about 3.8miles, I was slightly concerned how I'd do on this but I'm happy to report it went pretty damn well. The first 10k was only just outside my 10k PB and I only dropped a little for the last few miles as I finished in 1:27:11 and finished 263rd out of 414 finishers. The great thing is, as I've never done a 10 miler before, I have a new PB by default. RESULT!!

So all in all, a good event if you want to get the miles under your belt which I certainly did. Would I do it again, yeah more than likely. It's that perfect mid point from a 10k to a HM so fits in with most training plans very well. Now a rest day today before the interval sessions start again tomorrow. Oh Joy!

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  1. Excellent, sounds like a good run. And, of course, congrats on a new PB :-)