Monday, 14 September 2009

It was a rubbish Plan anyway

No honestly, rubbish! OK it wasn't really. Pace wise it seemed to be working but picking up a brand new limited edition twinge or pain every time I did a speed session was becoming extremely annoying and I was starting to think that I'd end up pulling, breaking or maiming something the week before the Royal Parks and considering everything I'm doing is building up to that race, it seems a bit silly to keep pushing in the same vain.

I think (fingers crossed, touch wood and all that) that if I stay injury free from now, I can get a PB at the Royal Parks. Now there's a statement!! But it's true. It'll be hard work but I don't see why I can't do it. I believe it to the point that if I don't succeed, I'm going to be devastated! It won't reach my main goal of going under 1:50 but I think something around the 1:54/1:55 is possible if I'm prepared to push myself.

So training is now as follows. Either: a)Distance runs at relaxed?!?! pace or b)Shorter runs at a quicker pace. Easy, simple and no sprint sessions that make my shins hurt like hell.

Based on this new theory and following last Sunday's successful Garden City 10, I got myself out of bed a 7am Saturday morning, had a banana, a bit of lucozade sport and some water and then around 7.30, headed out for 10.07 miles. Managed it in 1:31:06 so about 4 mins slower than last week but with no cheering crowds or race adrenalin, I wasn't too disappointed. Even more so when you add in the fact I had absolutely no mile markers all the way round. Everything was just on the basis of 'just run'. No picking up the pace or anything so if that's my standard race pace I'm OK with that. Also, the last mile and a bit is all uphill. Not the greatest end but good training. That means in 7 days, I've run 23 miles and cycled 16 miles!! Result!

So another week and I reckon a couple of short and quick runs during the week plus going to see Mumford and Sons and JET on Wednesday and Thursday means that it's looking like a good one. Add another 10 miler next weekend and I'll be in good shape.

Final, final, final minor thing... I'm doing a Fire Walk for a great charity called Rainbow Trust. I would be absolutely delighted if you could give something to the cause. I'm only asking for £1 from anyone who wants to give something. It's nothing really and will really, really help. If you do, click on this link. Thanks so much! Oh and I've made sure it's 10 days after the Royal Parks Half. I don't fancy it with burnt feet!!

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