Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Juneathon or not Juneathon. That is the question

I can't decide about this whole Juneathon thing. I mean it's a brilliant thing to do and anyone who completes it in my eyes deserves a world of respect but being one of the people who dropped out last year, I can testify about just how tough it is. Doing some form of exercise every. single. day. and blogging about it every. single. day. takes a hell of a lot of motivation for anyone who's not training for some insane kind of triathlon event.

To be honest, after my failure to run in the last 40 odd days and the increased size of what I'm calling my 'sympathy belly', I really should be taking part, winning and halving my excess weight but I'm not sure I can commit. Mind you, if I don't even try, I've got no hope so hope so decision made, count me in and I'll try my best.

By then, I'll be living 15 miles away from work so there goes the 'easy cycle day' and as eatingtrees mentions, the last week is going to absolutely kill after competing in London2Brighton on the bike on the 20th! I think I may have to get the press ups and sit ups involved to help me through my lazy days.

Join us for Juneathon. If you don't have a blog, you have no excuse either! Just put all your daily updates the soon-to-be Juneathon 2010 Facebook page which I'll add a link too as soon as it's live. Come on, join the pain. I mean fun. Join the fun.


  1. Glad you're in again! I'm using the same Facebook page for it that's been used the last two years. I just need a new logo.

  2. Yeah good to see you are in. I loved the "sympathy belly" because i have one of those.

  3. Just spotted the link to the Grand Union Half on your site - it looks tempting.
    I'm also thinking to do the LtoB this year for Juneathon, it will make the last 10 days tough if I'm still doing it by then.