Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Oh no, I've only gone and done it again

Without a shadow of doubt, I have run out of training time for the up and coming Wheathampstead 10k. This means, come the 23rd May, I may have a very interesting blog entitled 'The effects on the human body, of running a 10k without a single run in the previous 49 days'.

Oh dear. That's even worse when I put it in writing. I just can't see when I'm going to fit a run in though. In the next 10 days, I'm out of the country for 4 of them, in a different county visiting friends on 1 of them, at work for 5 of them and for the evening's of those, I'm out one night and packing for our impending home move on the other 4. I'm going to have to try though.

Maybe I'll have to run home from work but as that's 5 miles, if I break myself I'll be in trouble for the 10k. I can't fit my gear in my hand luggage so that's out too. Maybe I'll just have to up the miles on the bike to and from work in the hope that the muscle that may have built up in my leg might possibly help me through. Any thoughts people? Will getting on the bike more help at all?

Picking a positive note to finish on, maybe I'll surprise myself and be amazed by my natural fitness... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, that's brilliant. Someone my shape doesn't have 'natural' fitness. It's going to be painful, hard work and LG will probably have to be the designated driver but hey, I then have 6 months to train for my next event. I think I'll owe it to myself to at least aim for a PB to shatter the thought that I have a blog about running yet haven't done it since the 4th April!


  1. Can you get a bus/tube two miles home from work and run the last three?

  2. This is an extremely good plan. However, I believe I'll look like a complete tool getting on a bus in all my running gear. I fear however this may be my only option. That or walk the rest of the way!

  3. 'The effects on the human body, of running a 10k without a single run in the previous 49 days'.
    ...this would be good to read so don't run at all until then!

  4. Ah Breandán, I know that by only having 24 pints in a year, you're a glutten for punishment but do you really want to hear about my pain?

  5. You're right - God I need psychological help! Good luck with your countdown to the run and please don't take my advice!