Tuesday, 4 May 2010

weeeee..... that was fun

Yep I'm a child and I have the grazed knees to proved it. Coming off by bike during a 32.64 mile ride isn't unexpected for me. Coming off going less than 1mph rather than the heady heights or 33.9mph on the downhill is somewhat embarrassing though. It was good fun though and well worth it. I'm planning another route of a similar distance next weekend where I'll do my hardest to stay on the damn thing! 54 miles for L2B isn't looking as scary anymore.

The brusied knee stopped any chance of a run yesterday though but hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be pounding the pavement again. Even more so as I've just checked my calendar and see that I have the wheathampstead 10k in less than 3 weeks and haven't trained at all. Plus I'm away the weekend after  next. This certainly isn't looking like PB territory but should be a laugh anyway. Eatingtrees seemed to enjoy it last year anyway.

Looks like Hellrunner's a no go for me though. The week before Grim and in a month when I already have a HM? I think I'll pass this year!

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