Friday, 30 April 2010

The futures bright, the futures Grim

The want and need to sign up for races that are a little bit different than the norm has today, made me sign up for what was without doubt, one of my favourite races last year. Yes, the mud, water and freezing temperatures will once again be in my sights as Grim'10 has been paid for and I'll be there on the Saturday along with eatingtrees. I'm already excited about it! Enough to be thinking about Hellrunner too...

However, the important issue of mine and eatingtree's (& possibly LG and crying bump's) foreign half marathon janut for 2011 is still to be decided. Prague was awesome but tough with the cobbles, Lisbon was lovely with the exception of the 13.1 miles in the middle of the trip so next year.... It could possibly be one of these which frankly, look beautiful or disturbing, depending on which one you click on! The Lausanne Half Marathon, the Polar Night Half Marathon or the Midnight Sun Half Marathon are the current options!

Obviously I need to get myself pounding the pavement again soon which I guess I'll try on Monday as we don't have to go to work or next week sometime. Firstly, I have the small matter of a 25-30 mile cycle ride tomorrow morning in 'training' for L2B. I have a feeling that by the time I finish, every part of my being is going to wish I'd kept some gears on the damn thing. Eatingtrees has sorted the course and says things like 'it's a mix of everything with a few hills thrown in for good measure'. Oh good. no really. Joy!

Myself, LG & bump have also found somewhere new to live so we just have to pack up the entire flat now and move it to the country. I'll no longer be in London which is great for many reasons. The reason it won't be is I have a lot of new route planning to do and I can't even avoid the hills if I don't know where I'm going!

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  1. your lucky to live in europe and be so spoilt for choice, here is Australia its 1000's of kms if u want to travel to run and even then your still in the same country........