Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hauling My Wheels

Well I'll be honest. I haven't run since my last attempt ended in a hop, skip, jump attempt when pain shot through the inside of my left knee. Most of the time it seems ok but again yesterday night after I'd done about 3 hours of driving, the same spot was pretty sore. Not sure what I've done but I'm figuring that resting it is the best way forward for now as I have nothing coming up in the near future.

Cycling however is something I've done a bit more of. After the new inner tube arrived and was fitted, I cycled home from work on Friday (I think it helped what can only be described as the hangover from hell) and then the weekend came. The beautiful, sunny and almost warm weekend. This meant that on Saturday, I embarked on the longest cycle ride of my life I think. I certainly can't remember ever going any further! 16.23 miles was completed at a relaxed pace and I got home with the clock saying I'd been out for an hour and 20 mins. I'm happy with that. I certainly won't be doing L2B at a quicker pace. I even felt fine the next day which I figure is a good indication!

Along with cycling to work a couple of days this week (I'd like it to be more but meetings and car servicing have got in the way of that), I'm going to take my bike back to my parents this weekend and clock up some miles there. In theory I won't be doing that alone as my Mum has also been getting some miles in on her bike so hopefully I'll have some company. As long as she's not on the golf course anyway!

LG and 'the bump' are doing well and we had the 20 week scan last week and everything's great so far. I'm loving the cycling and according to theredbucket, I can eat loads of eggs for breakfast and it may actually do me some good. So apart from the left knee, all is pretty damn good in HMC land.

Reading back, that's quite a positive post from me. Considering the best feedback I've ever had from a post is when I had an absolutely retched time at the Lisbon Half, I figure you guys like me to suffer and this one isn't going to go down half as well.

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  1. The Spring's here, so it's a perfect time to get the bike out. I did the same yesterday afternoon/evening and had a ride out. Enough to build up the appetite for much egg eating!