Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Race for Life - The publicity piece!

I had an email today that I very nearly just read and deleted. You see, it was regarding the Race for Life and as I have testicles my first thought was that it was nothing to do with me, it being a women only event and all. But I had a nagging in the back of my head. So I decided to write something for it anyway.

It's a huge and well known event where thousands upon thousands of women walk or run 5k all across the country all in aid of Cancer Research UK. I've heard from people who have been involved in this before and it's not to do with the distance or the run. It's the camaraderie between the participants, the memories of loved ones they are doing it for and that it brings everyone together. Cancer will effect everyone in their lives in some form. So far, I've been bloody lucky and haven't really directly known anyone affected by this hideous disease. I know it won't be forever though so I'm all for money going to charities that research this kind of thing. That's the reason I'm given this some publicity.

Yesterday Tesco, who generally I wouldn't give that much time to, launched a website and forum aimed at bring people together and if it gets people together and encourages people who want to swap tips, tricks and training methods then who am I to argue. It's over at so once you've found your local event and signed up via the Race for Life website, get some sponsorship and head over to the new forum and get involved. For any men reading, show some encouragement, give them some cash and maybe even do some volunteering on the day. You can spare a couple of hours right?

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  1. The Race for Life was my first race as an adult, and really got me into running. The atmosphere is great.