Sunday, 4 April 2010

Running again. Good! Pain. Bad!

So I finally got my trainers back on today in an effort to get myself into some sort of shape other than the 'round' one that I currently reside in. It was nice to know it would be a short, easy and nice run to blow some cobwebs away and to work off some huge quantities of food I seem to have devoured recently. It was also a chance to try out an iPhone (or iPod Touch in my case) holder that I'd been sent by MobileFun. It does work and is usable through the front (although why would it need to be if you're trying to run?!?) but having anything on my arm for that amount of time seems to weigh it down and therefore make it ache more anyway. For now, I'll be sticking to the Shuffle!

I planned on the Wimbledon common out and back route that I used to do mainly because after the initial slight incline, it was all flat. It was the first time in a long time that I didn't run with my calf support on as I wanted to see if all was better in the shin and calf pain area. As it stands, there is no pain other than a standard aching. Well on my calf anyway.

I seemed to have a slight pain along the inside of my left knee but again, I knew I was out of shape and just (k)needed to carry on. It wasn't like I was going fast! Anyway, all went well until just after 3 and a half miles where I had to pull up sharply due to the pain suddenly shooting straight through my knee.  It hurt. A lot!! I walked for a bit and then tried to run but it was having none of it.

For a second I thought I was in trouble but I'm delighted to say that after a 20 min walk down to the shops, it seems to be a bit better. Something to be aware of for the next couple of runs though. In the end, the 'running' part of my run was 3.59 miles in 31:10 which works out at 8:40's.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and get into double figures on the bike in some pre-training training for L2B.  After reading about the route on this very good site I found, I may need to consider changing to an easier gear ratio for all those hills. If it's not about speed then I may as well try and pedal up some of them!!!

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  1. "If it's not about speed"?! I'll be on a BMX. With a maximum 3 inches of seatpost showing (any more is ruled out under the Geneva Convention sub-heading regarding style) and gearing that's designed for ramps and jumps (but i'm looking for larger chainwheels - something around 44 tooth looks good). And haven't been able to ride for months. Go for easier gearing and enjoy the laugh!
    Hope the knee isn't serious. Is it sulking at your sympathy weight for LG being added, perchance?