Monday, 29 March 2010

What a start! I don't like Mondays!

It's Monday morning, it's 8:30am. Here's what's gone wrong so far...

-Cycled into work but just as I pulled in, my crank arm fell off. Managed to get it back on hopefully I'll be able to nurse it home.
-Got into the shower at work only to realise I'd forgotten my towel. I had to dry myself with a single bandana!!
-Left my glasses at home. Although I do have contacts in, it's an air conditioned office so my eyes will be as dry as anything later
-I didn't put a belt on my jeans so I'm going to spend all day pulling them up
-Forgot my moisturiser and whereas this might not be too bad for some, for a peeling headed bald man, it's a bloody pain.
-And finally, the reason I'm writing this now is that my entire email and system won't connect and IT won't be in the office for another 45mins!!!

Can I go back to bed now?

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