Friday, 19 March 2010

Lisbon here I come

My preparation for this Half Marathon has been at best, occasional and at worst lazy but I honestly can't wait. I've only heard positive comments about Lisbon so 3 days hanging around with eatingtrees and LG in a new city will be wonderful and ruined only be the 13.1 miles in the middle. Oh crap, haven't packed the Ibuprofen, back in a tick......

Right, that's in the case. I need it because of the pain I was getting in the top of my foot last week and the thing I remember more than anything about that pain last time I got it is that it generally comes back for more quite often.I don't think my 'if you can't solve the pain, mask it' theory should be followed too much but if it gets me through the 13.1 wonderful (he says at the moment) miles through Lisbon then it would have done what it needed to.

My pre trip thoughts are as follows:
1. I haven't done enough training to get a PB.
2. The course is meant to be quick so I might get a PB.
3. It's going to be somewhere in the region of 16-20 degrees so I won't get a PB

Basically, I have no idea. I reckon I'll finish somewhere between the 1:54 and 1:59 area. That's a big difference but I just can't work it out. It'll be strange running in hotter weather again through. The cap's even had to be packed to stop my head burning and turning me into a tomato (not for the first time). Annoyingly, current forecasts predict rain throughout the entire weekend except when we're running when it's going to be warm and sunny!! Bah!!!

OK, haven't actually finished packing yet so I really need to get it sorted as it's less than 4 hrs til I'm off to the airport! See ya!

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  1. Your a lucky man- main thing is to enjoy and not worry about the time