Friday, 5 March 2010

Time - It makes a great sound as it whizzes by

Where the hell has my week gone?!? I'm sure that since Wednesday morning, time has become this strange wavy, wiggling thing (and not in a scientific way) that has stolen hours from me at random. In fact, probably not that randomly. They seem to have been stolen from sleep and added to driving and other work things.

I didn't want to run on Monday but I did! Ran home from work and knocked off 30 seconds a mile from the
previous week. Happy but still not anywhere near my 10k time last weekend. Mind you, I can't expect it to be once I add the heavy rucksack, curbs, slow walking people, Hammersmith one way system, people getting off buses straight into your path and fumes. Add these to the Richmond Park 10k and my time may have suffered.

I haven't had a chance to run since with the working, driving and early morning starts this week (again mine and eatingtrees' life start to run in parallel!) but I have a 10 miler planned for the morning and then a drive to the airport to pick up LG depending on what the RAC man says about the car when he comes visit later on with his computer! (It broke. I didn't do nuffin'!)

Then it'll be 2 weeks until the Lisbon half which I can't wait for although let's be honest, the time definitely isn't going to be that great with this training schedule I've been working to of 'when I can, I will'.

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