Saturday, 27 February 2010

Run Richmond Park 10k - Race Report

I generally struggle to think of good titles to the majority of my posts but today, I have a few so here are the others that were under consideration:

'Every little helps' and
'Tales of the Unexpected'.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was a little apprehensive about this Richmond Park 10k today. It's not my favourite place to run and it was originally signed up for myself and LG to do. However, seeing as she didn't fancy running for 2, eatingtrees was bought in as a substitute and to give me someone to gossip with.

It was a small event and felt quite like a small town local event in some ways. The weather was pretty poor but at least the wind generally stayed away so it was just a cooling breeze and the odd torrential downpour to run through. If I'd taken notice of the KM markers then my pace would have been interesting to say the least. The first lap had splits of 4:11, 6:32, 11:15ish, 19:09 and 25:46. You're having a laugh. A 2:21 km. I wish!!!! However, the 5k lap distance seemed correct judging by my 5k time. Mind you, it seemed I was on for a PB!?!? Unexpected to say the least but I had a long way to go and more undulating terrain to deal with first. The second lap was as wet as the first and as I came into the finishing area, the PB was in sight but it would be damn close! I was pushing hard and my breathing was more like wheezing I think but as I crossed the line, it registered 51:37. A new PB by a mere 4 seconds!!! That'll do. I'm certainly not in the best shape but I have to be happy with that. It's like Prague when I only got it by 3 seconds but it all counts!

I didn't have (and still haven't had) any twinges, aches or pains so all in all, it was a success. The main downside seems to be wet running top onto nipples. I don't need to explain but showering is painful!

3 weeks til the Lisbon Half and I just have to double the distance and I'll be fine. Yeah right. I'm looking forward to it but something tells me it ain't gonna be quick!


  1. hey well done on the 10km. I did one 2 weeks ago and got a very similar time. Looks like you will be good for the half :)