Wednesday, 17 February 2010

2 out of 2

On the face of it, that's a good score. It's not. Not once you get into the detail. The first 2 is the number of runs. The second 2 is unfortunately, the number of weeks! Absolute crap. I went for a run around where my parents live the week before last (10k) and then managed a meager 6.5 miles on Saturday when I intended to do at least 10. It just wasn't happening. I've just not put the effort in this year and it shows!!! I have Lisbon in 4 weeks and nothing will stop me doing that but time/energy/motivation needed to aim for a PB just ain't there. Needless to say, Wokingham Half on Sunday won't be happening. I'll aim for the Richmond 10k the week after with eatingtrees. I may also sign up for a few shorter 10k's after Lisbon to keep the fitness ticking over. Obviously I have a few other things on my mind that are more important at the mo. Thanks for all the congrats messages to my last post by the way. Much appreciated.

I've started the new job and am well and truly in the rat-race once again. I had forgotten that people in the city have an inability to smile while travelling around. Cheer up you miserable buggers!! Anyway, I'd also forgotten what it's like to actually use my brain which I'm certainly doing. Extremely busy. It's hard work and I'm constantly thinking which is great and how it should be. My brain is one big mush by the time I get home which means I'm only good for lying on the sofa and dribbling. At the previous place,  the maximum brain capacity used was deciding whether I needed to go to the toilet or not. (I generally did by the way. It gave me something to do to kill time).

SUMMARY: Just in case you can't be bothered to read the above: Everything's great except the running. Which this blog is about. Arse.

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  1. All this brain mushing will gear you up for parenthood ;)