Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Anniversary (sorry I'm late)

I just realised I started this blog 1 year and 10 days ago! In that time I've written 93 posts of complete and utter drivel! I thank you for reading those previous 92 and hopefully this one too. When I started it, it was firstly, to keep a record to keep me motivated and secondly, to give me something to do while sitting at my desk at my previous job as there was never much going on. I can guarantee you one thing.... Now I've started the new job, I will never, ever have to time to sit at my desk and write it there. No chance! Now, I have to join most of the others and write it in the evening which takes some concentration when the immensely awesome Ski Cross (and curling) are on the TV every night!!! A slight side-note... A big shout must go to the amazing Amy Williams. Hurling yourself down a shed load of ice on a modified tea tray and reaching speeds of over 140km per hour just for a medal!!! LEGEND! Doesn't she know you only have to run a 10k to get one?!?!? There's something about the Winter Olympics that appeals to me more than the summer ones. Yes the guys and girls in the summer are awesome athletes but lets be honest, the screw-loose mentally of the majority of the Winter athletes just rocks. I know it's dangerous and accidents happen and lives are sometimes lost (R.I.P Nodar Kumaritashvili) but when you get a pot-head ex-convict who's American and racing for Canada down a little course trying to beat 3 others, it creates a truly genius spectacular!

Sorry, that side-note was stupidly long! Anyway, the lack of time in my evenings made me decide to run home tonight despite an extremely sore lower back from sitting at my desk too long. It's a shade over 5 miles door to door so after scaring my news colleagues with me in shorts after only 7 days there, I headed out into the traffic. This route will never be a quick one and never a pleasant one as it's along main roads at rush hour but it's a means to an end. It means once I'm home, I'm home. I don't have to venture out again which is a relief now I have more time. I felt fine and it wasn't quick but that's to be expected on that route. It was exacerbated by the fact that with 2 miles to go, I could no longer see out of my glasses (yes I forgot the contacts). I tried to take them off to clear but they steamed up immediately as soon as I tried to put them back on so it was 2 miles without them. That's 2 miles of looking 6 yards in front of me and trying to avoid the dark shadowy blurs that turned out to be people coming towards me. All in all, a success.

A final great thing is the fact that I've found out the new work place has showers!! It's looking like I can start cycling most days again but this time, it'll be on the hand-built mean-machine bodge job!! WAHOO!!!!


  1. Been loving the winter olympics too - especially the skier cross. Nuts!

  2. Hurrah. So the handbuilt single speed gets a bit of steady usage. And you've discovered the "running commute" too. I am now a little bit jealous what with living 30 miles away from my workplace! Maybe we reinstate the post-work-meet-up-and-run-alongside-the-Thames once the evenings get a touch lighter...