Sunday, 7 March 2010

That wasn't as bad as expected

10.07 miles completed in 1:28:04 at 8:45's. (That's 16.21k at 5.25's in case you're that way inclined). That's the longest I've run since the 2nd of Jan and without knowing, it is actually slightly faster than my Half Marathon PB pace!! I only looked at the watch at the beginning and the end so it certainly wasn't planned but I'll take it with only 2 weeks to go til Lisbon.

The plan leading up to then is a home run from work on Mon and Tues and then a cycle home on the Tues and Thurs. This should keep the muscles ticking over for another 10 miler next Saturday. I'll then do the same during the week next week and then have a 2 day rest prior to the Half on the Sunday.

See all, planned!! I was never worried about my lack of training (LIES, LIES, LIES) but I do now have the additional worry of trying to get my legs in a state to cycle the 54 miles to Brighton and to train my backside to be able to be on a saddle for that amount of time! This, I certainly am worried about!

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  1. bloody hell that is nice. I did a 10 miler last week in 1hr 34 or something and i felt like i was pushing it. Half Marathon pb comming on :)

    Cheers for the comment :)