Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Back to earth with a skid, crash, bump and bang

After my 'la le la. everything's going great' 10 miler on Saturday when I was hitting my HM PB pace without trying, I was slapped back down to earth in the strongest way possible yesterday. I ran 5 miles home from work. Exactly the same route as I did last week in 8.38's. Yesterday.... 9.23's!! EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. HURT. LIKE. HELL. Calves were sore, ankles not much better, bag was too heavy because I stupidly left things in there I should have left at work, pavement traffic seemed heavier, pedestrian crossing lights were against me but mainly, I think I've upped the mileage a little too quickly this week and should have left it another day. However, at least I did it and didn't just get on a bus. Yes I was tempted and I have to be honest, if the traffic had been moving and not stationary by the time I'd hit Fulham, I may just have jumped on!!

My legs were sore last night but after lying around in my compression socks in the evening, my legs feel pretty good again today. Good enough to get on the single speed beast and cycle into work today anyway. I'll call that the beginning of my training for London to Brighton. 5 miles. Only another 49 to go. It took me around 28 mins which is about 20 mins quicker than getting on the tube or bus! Now I've just got to get home again! It's nice to work in a new building though, they have clean and modern showers and everything!!!

The run tomorrow will be postponed by the fact the car is going into the garage to stop random warning lights flash at me while I'm on the motorway. This means I'll have to drop off and collect it. Maybe I'll do a few miles when I get home or on Thursday. In fact, Thursday's probably the better option after yesterday's attempt! Writing this blog really does help me make decisions sometimes!

The above was written earlier and I've managed to get my butt home on the bike too now. Things I've realised. The fastest way round Hammersmith one way system is on a bike. Also, if there's a police car with it's blues and twos going, slip stream it. There were loads of cyclists following this police car. It didn't take long to realise that this was the way forward! Over 10 miles on the bike today and it felt great although I'm going to need to practice Putney Hill a lot more if I'm going to have any luck come L2B time. Guns don't kill people.... hills do!


  1. Good news on the round trip on the single speed.

    I've got the "upped the mileage too quickly and my calves are killing me" blues too. So much so that I am not even going to attempt a run until Thursday at least and then only a little one with the final biggie over the weekend. Let me know how you get on...

  2. Great blog... hope you don't mind if I add this on to my bloglist at www.aroundtheyearin24pints.blogspot.com ?

  3. You times are looking good and hate to ask the question, but did you stretch properly after your 10 miler? I'm terrible for stretching and also suffer more when I forget/can't be bothered :-S

  4. Yeah I have to stretch after the long ones or I generally have a complete inability to walk afterwards! I think it was purely too much, too soon kind of thing as I felt OK walking, it was only putting the miles in that I started to hurt