Tuesday, 20 July 2010

In a fix

Knowing I've been neglecting my legs recently in favour of assault courses, fixie building and I believe 'nesting' is the term, I made sure I got up and did an early loop this morning. Pretty quickly for me too completing the mandatory 5.14km in 25:27. None of the quite random aches and pains I've had for the last 2 weeks (caused by lack of use) flared up which is always good and I really enjoyed it. I should think about doing it more often!!

My current project is this little beauty you may have seen me mention a few weeks ago. I've been working to strip, file, clean, and generally abuse it and turn it into my ultimate fixie.

At the moment, after a visit to the powder coaters and awaiting delivery of numerous parts, it looks like this! Awesome I think is the word I'm looking for! Meet 'Yolkey'.

I love all the old frame detail and so I topped it off with the old school reflector off the original frame.

I'm going to have to wait until next month until I can buy the wheels and a few other little bits and pieces but I'm delighted with it so far.

Speaking of next month, only 4 weeks until due date! In theory he or she could turn up at anytime now which means I don't have long to complete 'Yolkey'. I better get ordering!!


  1. i love the name! clever....

  2. I'll never understand why men get excited about machinery! but hope you enjoy it x

  3. that's a great job, well done.

  4. I'm gripped by these updates, I'd love to build my own.