Thursday, 29 July 2010

A week of frustration

Tuesday morning was the usual 5:30am route. A 5.14km route to stretch the legs and try and ready myself for what, unknown at the time, was to become a really crap day at work. I had then planned to run this (Thursday) morning too but after another truly horrible day in the office yesterday, I got home and immediately announced to LG that I was going out for a run. No words about it were exchanged as she could see how worked up I was and just said OK, see you soon. That's one of many reasons she's wonderful. She didn't ask lots of questions or ask me to do anything. She knew a run would help sort me out. And it did. I picked a route that I knew would contain lots of hills and therefore hurt more and help clear my mind.

It was along some pretty busy roads crossing once under and once over the M25 and that cheered me up a bit. At least I wasn't stuck in the long jam around Junction 9! The hills hurt and slowed my down but 8.14km was completed in 42:48 which works out at 5.15m/km. I'm pretty happy with that but generally my angry runs are faster so maybe the hills really did slow me down.

Project Yolkey, my lovely fixie bike project is coming on OK but is also causing me a headache right now. I have a wobble in the headset which I just cannot solve. The below is from an email I recently sent to eatingtrees asking for divine intervention.

'I changed the order of the pieces, switched the bearing cages (although Identical), given the cups an extra tap to make sure they're in properly, filed down a little of the paint to make sure the lower race was sitting pretty and you know what, the ONLY position that I get no wobble is by putting a washer below the top adjustable race which then means it doesn't sit properly and leaves a gap for all sorts of crap to get in and means that the top locknut sits too high. I've checked every website in the world and I'm not missing any parts and all parts seem in great working order so I just can't figure it out.'

As you can see, it's a frustration! Maybe I'll have to replace the whole lot unless anyone can think of something obvious that I might be missing?

Less than 3 weeks until the due date now. I'm now getting closer to jumping out of my skin every time the phone goes...


  1. Sorry to hear that work is getting you down mate!

    I have to agree with you on the angry running front though - nothing works the frustration out of my system than a hill reps session or some 800m sprints!

  2. Good luck! I know just what you are going through - we are days away from lift off, and the only way I can keep my nerves calm is by lacing up the trainers. Mobile phones never came in so handy!