Monday, 9 March 2009

In the words of Europe... It's the Final Countdown...

6 days and counting then. I think I'm ready. Well certainly more ready than the last time I ran one of these ridiculous things!

I'm cutting right back on the training now (officially rather than lazily I might add). I'll do a 3 miler to stretch my legs tonight and then the same again on Thursday and that's it until Sunday. I've heard some good things about the Fleet HM including the words 'flat', 'fast' and 'PB'. I hoping to add 'completion' and 'alive' to those 3. Actually I'll be fine. I'm even trying to convince eatingtrees to sign up for another couple later in the year but it's dependant on 'outside factors' at his end at the mo. Prior to that though, we have to deal with the Prague HM in 3 weeks. Now this one, I'm looking forward to a lot!! This will be the big one and because of that, Fleet will be used more as a training (ha) run.

My target time for Fleet will be 1:55:00 which would be a PB. Not exactly quick but I'm sure you've guessed by the name of my blog that I'm not exactly in the peak of physical fitness. My build is more Russian wrestler (yes the female ones) than distance runner and that time will suit me fine. The gel packs are at the ready, the water bottle is clean, the music playlist is sorted and the best thing of all about the Fleet HM??? Well upon completion I'll be less than 3 weeks away from a 3 week holiday in SE Asia! Now there's the best bit of motivation I could hope for!


  1. I love that song! -Da-da-daaah-da-d-d-d-d-duuuhhh!'

  2. I reckon that little bit of info should go in a little box marked 'guilty pleasures'

  3. How about the Royal Parks Half in October as one of the others later in the year?

  4. I enjoyed?!?! that one last year if enjoyed is the right word. So that one's definitely on this list. I've found 2 others that look a bit different too. Marlow point to point and Surrey badger. They should keep the motivation levels up!