Thursday, 26 March 2009

It's Prague o'clock

It's the last day of work and now I'm excited. My foot's stopped hurting enough that I know I can run, I've been doing some research and found some good bars and restaurants (main priorities of most trips have to be feeding my belly and glass of something chilled in the evening), I've looked at where might be cool to visit (Prague's a strange, strange place and includes a torture museum and a spiders and scorpions exhibit) and have also come to terms with sharing a hotel room with eatingtrees for 3 nights.

But this is going to be fun! It seems like it's a big event and has loads of support and I just can't wait. Travelling to different cities to run in events makes all this training worth it. I'm nervous though. I got like this pre Fleet as well but this is more intense. Prague was always the main event this year and I just want to do well. This is PB territory.

I'm sure you've seen eatingtrees' post about the completely unknown weather so I'm packing a little of everything which seems sensible. Who cares though, whatever the weather, it's gonna be great. I'll try and post my time up whilst out there so watch this space and also a massive GOOD LUCK to everyone running the Reading Half on Sunday Morning. My thoughts will be with you as I rest my dull and aching muscles!

Also finally, 14 hours after first checking the website and constantly pressing refresh, I'm in to the Royal Parks Half! £39 is a bit of robbery I reckon but the event is well supported and good fun and also has a place in my heart as it was my first ever HM when I did it last year so to be honest I had to pay it really. It's also the place I want to meet my goal of 2009 and if I do that, I certainly won't care about £39 at all!!! See you in a few days!!!

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