Sunday, 15 February 2009

Is running the new tube journey?

Well I'm back from my weekend in Essex visiting the parents and have now taken off the white stiletto running shoes and am back in the world of the antipodeans that is SW London.

One of the best things about living round here is the routes along the river and the feeling that you're still in the countryside whilst being in an awesome city. Mind you, running back around where the parents live this weekend was an interesting change... For a start where are all the bloody pavements?? I forgot they don't exist in the countryside just south of the middle of nowhere!! I mean I should be trying to figure out whether I'm on course for an 8:45 minute mile, not whether I'm going to be sprawled over the bonnet of a 18 year old's Peugeot 106 with go faster stripes! Saying that though, it was lovely and quiet. On my 6.1 miler (bloody lightweight i hear you cry) I saw 2 other runners. 2!!! I reckon I see more than 100 on my normal route. The whole of South West London's just a very public running club where every one's invited on either a Saturday or Sunday morning as long as there's no eye contact. It's like being on the effing tube. Hot, sweaty, crowded and you're not allowed to talk to anyone else but you still have to pretend you're cool!!

One argument that quite often gets directed at me is that I may be a little competitive... OK very competitive and annoying to boot. Now I have to admit that there may be a slight element of truth in that but it's only slight. No really! Saying that though, I did discover something when training for my first HM last year, it just doesn't apply to running. I just don't care where I finish in relation to any one else. Friend, foe or complete stranger, I just don't care. I race against me, my watch and my iPod shuffle playlist (it's 52:32 secs and i turn it on with 6 miles to go on any run). That's it and I love it. That's all the motivation I need and so far, it's worked just fine!!

As a final note, I had a Facebook email from a mate today. He's just found out that he's been given a last minute place in the London Marathon '09. Unfortunately for him, he only ran his first mile today. Fuck that!! I reckon he may well be collapsed on the side of the road somewhere along the route on the day but fair play to him, he's giving it a go and he's got my support. However, he will now go to the top of my list of disturbed people I know that run marathons!


  1. Cool blog, and I totally agree with you about the lack of pavements in the countryside. Why?!!

  2. shavenheadedlovely15 February 2009 at 19:44

    There might be a distinct lack of pavements but surely this is, in some way, compensated by the eye contact and "hello's" you receive from fellow runners. Enjoying the blog so far Mr., mine should be up and running (sorry!) by the end of the week.

  3. Hauling My Carcass15 February 2009 at 20:17

    Why Thank You Jog-Blog. I appreciate the comment from such a master like yourself. SHL, you are right. I may have only seen 2 people but at least they were both polite which beats the miserable buggers in London Town.

  4. I love the blog name. Good luck with your 16 and thanks for visiting.

  5. Great blog - look foward to reading more!

  6. Thanks for the blog support guys. Really appreciate it