Friday, 13 February 2009

Who is... Hauling My Carcass?

Well this is my first insightful, witty, and hopefully readable post for my new blog. OK, It's not a great start but I had to run 3 miles before I could run a Half so everyone has to start somewhere right?!?

From the start, I apologise for the general appalling abuse of the English language and spelling throughout. I got a 'c' in my GCSE about... 5,10... 13 years ago (bloody hell!! really??) and things haven't exactly improved since! Also I have a really annoying tendency to use too many exclamation and question marks. I will do my best to keep this under control too. (amended)

So a quick rundown of my ability to run: I bloody hate it. Not a little or just a bit. With nearly every ounce of hatred I can muster. That is until I get about 2 miles in anyway. Then something weird happens, I start to enjoy it! OK maybe enjoy is a bit strong. Maybe endure is better. So far I have complete one 10k a few years ago but did my first HM in Oct last year. YAY!!!(sorry) Christ that hurts. I mean seriously, why bother? These people that do actual marathons and triathlons must be in some way disturbed. Anyway, once the nicotine and alcohol had calmed me down and obviously once I'd finished, I agreed to do another one. When I say agreed, I mean was bullied into it by my friend and occasional running buddy, Shaven Headed Lovely (incidentally, this is his name for himself, not mine for him but from here on in, he will be known as SHL).

So here I am. The middle of Feb with the Fleet HM coming in about 4 weeks (wow putting it in writing is a bit worrying) and then the Prague HM 2 weeks after. Admittedly the Prague one will be about just finishing and making my way to a bar with SHL to smoke Shisha and drink Staropramen but I figure I'll deserve it by then.

Training works out around 10-15 miles a week right now and I can't see that increasing too much as I prefer eating and drinking to running and I can't see this ever changing! Anyway, it's Saturday tomorrow and 6 miles awaits. Hopefully it'll be an improvement on my 2 miles giving up effort on Wednesday! As you can see, the 10-15 mile training is not as strict as it should be.

Comments are more than welcome and would actually be appreciated so please, show some encouragement!!! (sorry)


  1. We'll make a marathon runner out of you before you know it. Welcome to the world of blogging and pain.

  2. Aha, welcome! (see, I like exclamation marks too;) You know, if you promptly signed up to another half after feeling completely crap, then it's not long until you succumb to the delights of the marathon. Go on, you know you want to.