Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well that hurt. A lot. It's official, running + hangover is not good. I'm not sure how Jogblog does it.

I did complete my 8 miles with TAOSW but it hurt. So, so much. My standard pace seems to be somewhere between 8:45 and 9 min miles. Yesterday, after 3 miles, both our watches read 24 mins. 8 min miles. Oh dear, it appears we may have gone out a little quick. There was no doubt at all in my mind that I was going to suffer for this later on and suffer I did!

Around mile 3 was also when I just couldn't catch my breath. I'm not sure it was because of shock at our time or the hangover but both is probably a good bet. Had I been on my own at that point, I may have walked a bit but there was no way TAOSW was going to let that happen. She has training to do remember!! So on we plodded albeit closer to a 9 m/m pace.

Now a problem here arises as I don't trust this Nike+ thing as my pace varies so much plus I'm too tight to buy a Garmin and I was too hungover to remember any more mile markers so we just continued to pound the pavement and eventually, after a few more moans and groans (from me) and more wanting to stop (from me), we got to the finish line registering a time of 1:12:25 for 8.2 miles. That's an approx pace of 8:48 per mile. With my hangover, my general bad mood and the wanting to die/stop every mile ish, I'm was quite happy with that. As you can see though, we (I) did struggle badly towards the end and had nothing left.

My points from my last post were met as follows:

1)I did get my Haggis, Neeps and Tatties and it was lovely 2)I did demolish a pack of Maynards Wine Gums and it must of helped in some way. At least they made me smile 3)It didn't feel fantastic when I finished. I just felt relief 4)It hurt for a lot longer than just the first few miles and I still ache now 5)Confidence isn't the right word but with no beer on Friday and running at 8am Saturday, I think it should all be good

Now my right foot has some feeling back in it (it goes completely numb on most runs so I have to remember to scrunch my toes every few steps. I forgot), I'm going to attempt 10 miles on Saturday morning. That will be my longest run since the Royal Parks HM last Oct and I'm actually looking forward to it. At least then I can banish my memories of this one. Roll on the weekend!!

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