Sunday, 22 February 2009

What's a day between friends!

Well 24 hours later then planned and with less pub based preparation and more pasta and bed based preparation, I did my longest run for 5 months this morning. Yup, 10.1 miles and you know what, I loved it. Really happy with the time of 1:27:35 too. I worked that out (probably incorrectly) somewhere in the region of 8.40/8.45's for the complete distance which I believe to be heading towards a time of proper runners and less of the slightly overweight bald bloke that I've been in the past.

I also learnt something too. Pace yourself. I know this isn't exactly a revelation to the majority of people but for me, it was a necessary lesson. Some of my runs in the past (training and Royal Park HM), I've been (rightly) accused of setting off to quickly on something around an 8/8.30 pace and have always struggled nearer the end. Reasons for this severe lack of genius training regime include the fact that I always think I'm going to struggle near the end so I try and build up the time in reserve to meet my target. WOW!!! How wrong can one person be?!?!?! A mate of mine has been nagging me about this for a while now and finally today, some of that nagging found it's way into my little pea brain.

The results: I ran my first 5 miles at 9 m/m pace but then what's his? I still have plenty of energy?? Maybe I'll pick up the pace. So I did. The second 5 was done of a pace around 8.20 m/m ish to give myself a time that I'm very happy with and also the knowledge that I can run 5 miles at 8.20 pace if I put my mind to it. How cool is that!!! That's made my day.

So 18 miles in the last 7 days. That's a good place to be I think. I'm off to make myself a cup of tea and bacon sarnie to celebrate!!


  1. I'm so glad the advice is finally paying off. You're entering the world of negative split running. Don't stress, you can learn more about it in lesson 5 of Running 101 (aka - nagging you next week).

    Congrats on hitting your target for the week. I'm so going to get you on the plane to NY in November!

  2. Well done, sounds great! Mmmm, bacon sarnie.