Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Stepping up the training…. kind of

Well with only 3 and a half weeks until the Fleet HM, I need to pick up the training a bit so his week I'm planning to run 18 miles. Obviously not all at once, that would just be wrong but in 2 stints starting with an 8 miler tonight. This is my least favourite run I do. I run from my work to Twickenham. For all those outside of SW London, that's 8 miles pretty much all along the South Circular (A205). The traffic's horrible, there are too many curbs for me to fall down and worst of all, I'm actually running AWAY from my home!! That's an awful thing to know while running. I then have to get the train back (and no, there's no way I'm running back again and doubling the distance). I do this for 2 reasons only. Firstly, to push my mileage up and secondly, because someone I work with (we'll call her 'the amazingly organised spreadsheet woman'), lives there and is training for the big London run for disturbed people (aka The London Marathon) so it's nice to run with someone occasionally.

Because of the above, last night should have been a night of card loaded food, relatively early night and no alcohol. It backfired slightly. I say slightly... I mean completely. When you're still trying to get served more disgusting cooking lager as the bar staff are cleaning around you and the bell has already gone, you realise that it may not be the best training possible. Even more so when you consider that this part of the evening had been preceded by many various and tasty forms of Indian Tapas at Imli and yet more cooking lager with a couple of friends. Together with SHL (aka eatingtrees) we appear to have bullied (there really is no other word for it) the 3rd one of us into running a 10k in May. He doesn't run. Well I guess he does now and he was certainly keen once plied with alcohol. I will let you know if this is still the case once I send him the link through later today. Fun as it was, it was certainly not the best training and I think I'm going to suffer later for it.

Because of all of the above, I'm having to try and give myself encouragement and motivation to run tonight. This is all I've come up with so far so any help would be appreciated.

1)Once I get home, I have Haggis, Neeps and Tatties which I've been looking forward to for a few days now 2)For energy purposes only obviously, it gives me an excuse to feed my unhealthy addition to Wine Gums 3)It'll feel fantastic once I finish 4)It'll only hurt for the first few miles 5)It'll give me confidence to run 10 miles on Saturday Morning

OK I'm stuck there and as you can see by points 3, 4 and 5, I'm already clutching at straws!!


  1. One more reason for you to do the 8 tonight. If you don't, I'll be disappointed. Y'know... really disappointed! Heheheh!

  2. Enjoying the updates (no, of course I'm not biased in any way!) and can actually access this at work, which is a miracle! (although do now realise why the amount of emails I usually get a day has dropped - you're too busy 'blogging'!) ;-)
    Sorry, but not sure if I'm sharing your excitment about our dinner tonight, Neeps and Tatties, bring it on but Haggis... Really? For you though, I'll try anything once! See you after your 8 miler...

  3. Have you been secretly following Jogblog's race and run preparation, with alcohol and late nights a staple necessity? Apparently the hangover numbs the pain...Good blogging!

  4. I've always admired Jogblog's dedication to her running preparation but I have to say, the hangover didn't numb any pain. Points 3, 4 and 5 were worthless too. It was truely awful. Full update to come soon