Saturday, 2 May 2009

Distance done and the Sony W Series Walkman

Saturday morning and after sharing a bottle of Merlot last night because 'we managed to get through the week' I set out for a 10k. I finished in a credible 52:16 which I was pretty happy with being my first proper run since returning. It was good to get out and pounding the pavement to be honest.

I'm aching a bit now but that's because I've done sod all for so long but if I'm feeling a little more flexible later then I'm going to try this Yoga thing. It all depends on how I'm feeling!!

And so onto the Sony W Series. I have to be honest with you.... I'm not a fan. Brilliant concept but I just can't see myself changing from my shuffle if this is the competiton.

-No wires running down your back
-Good sound quality

Not so much:
-It's LIME GREEN people!!! (I know there are other colours but would love to know who thought this one was a good idea!!) I guess I should be grateful I didn't get the pink one!!!
-If you have a shaved head, you are going to get a ridicolous tan line. eatingtrees, you'll have the same problem as me!
-Yes it's lightweight. But it's double the weight of my shuffle and I don't have that sitting on my head!
-I found it a bit fiddly to control when on the move. Maybe it'll get easier with more use.

I should also mention the special technology they have to scan through the songs. It's like Ronseal, 'it does exactly what it says on the tin' but to be honest, I still find it pretty easy to press the skip button on my current player if I want to find a particular track. Overkill maybe?? Solving a problem that doesn't need to be solved me thinks.

So overall a very sound and quality product, just as Sony generally produce but this particular one, I don't feel it's any better than what I currently use.

The challenge I was set however was to produce a playlist and this is mine. All from my own iTunes and for various reasons including beats, motivation and just generally loving the track! Here it is:

Living in Jungles - Bedouin Soundclash
Helicopter - Block Party
Trains to Brazil - Guillemots
Oh My God - Ida Maria
City Lights - The Bishops
Keep the Car Running - Arcade Fire
Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Over and Over - Hot Chip
What Your Boyfriend Said - Little Man Tate
Soul Limbo - Booker T and the M.G's
Angel Interceptor - Ash
What a Wonderful World - Joey Ramone

Not to everyone's taste but it'll get me round a few training runs!! Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend if you're in the UK or just your weekend if not! I feel a BBQ coming!

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  1. Hmmm... so if, in the sun, the Sony leaves a white line around the back of a shaved head and sunglasses do the same at the front and sides, it would mean that we would both appear like the tops of our heads had been cut off and stitched back on. Not a good look...
    Still, nice 10k time considering you've done nowt for nigh on a month!