Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The missing August one...

You may or may not have noticed (or cared) that I had a gap in my 'places I'll be appearing' section in that I had nothing during the month of August. This has been annoying me as I was doing pretty well to have a race a month for the rest of the year.

Well today I found one that I liked the look of and i can now state *with a fanfare playing in the background* that I will be running the Hard as Snails 10k on the 22nd August. Admittedly, it was the name that made me laugh and therefore I had to sign up but for £15, a Saturday morning and some good hills, I couldn't say no.

If you're trying to find a race to run in August then come along and join me. It's a 10k but they reckon because of the hills, it feels more like 7.2 miles. Yay to punishing hills!

Right, now I just have to mention it to Lovely Girlfriend. I can almost feel her eyes rolling from here!


  1. Are you sure it's Hard As Snails, and not Hard Ass Nails?

  2. That would work but I'm more snail than nail and I'm assuming they expect other people to be that too!

  3. What about the missing November one?? Or do the 2 September ones make up for that?